Fefco 0713 –

We manufactures cardboard boxes in a large range of styles and designs, “Crash lock glued” cartons are similar to envelope base cartons but they have a base that comes pre glued so it can be erected by hand in seconds. The main advantages of this style of carton is that they are quick to erect and have a strong base able to withstand the weight of heavier objects.

Suitable for holding a large variety of products such as jars, candles, bottles, cosmetics etc they can be enhanced with a die-cut window in the front to showcase the products inside.

They can be supplied plain or printed to meet your exact requirements, call us today to see how our knowledge and friendly staff can  help with your packaging requirements.

Dimensions are specified as Length (L)x Width or Bredth (B)x Height (H)


We would be delighted to hear from you to discuss how we can meet your packaging requirements.