This style of cardboard boxes are manufactured using a die cutting press that stamps out the shape of a box at a very high speed. This means that our boxes are produced in a very cost effective way whilst at the same time we achieve a very high standard of finish.


As a company we offer a full print service which means that your cardboard boxes can be supplied plain or in full colour. Boxes are printed in full colour and high definition on our Litho Press. Call us today and our print and design shop will discuss your requirements. 

Cardboard Box Finishing

Once the Design has been printed the boxes are ready to have a coating applied. We will apply a special finish over the top of the print to protect them. We offer a variety of different finishes:-

    • Machine Varnish – this is the most cost effective option as it seals the ink and will offer a satin finish to the finished box.
    • Gloss machine Varnish– this is similar to a standard machine Varnish but offers a glossier finish.
    • UV Varnish – this is a special type of varnish that’s finished using an ultraviolet drying machine. It creates a more vivid, more luxurious and more tactile finish when compared to non-UV varnishes and adds an instant professional look. There is a choice of finishes such as matt, satin or gloss and they can be applied over the whole printed area or only to specific areas and the process is quick and efficient. Give us a call to talk you through the options available.
    • Lamination – is a finishing process in printing where pressure and heat are used to bind a thin layer of plastic known as a laminate to paper or card. Lamination printing is generally used to protect the Boxes from general wear and tear and improve the longevity of the item. It’s available in gloss, matt and velvet textures.

We have manufactured Cardboard Boxes for nearly 100 years. Our dedicated team have decades of experience in delivering cost effective and creative packaging for a wide range of different sectors.

Regardless of your industry or sector The Walsall Box Co is here to help you. We’ll help you find the perfect packaging, cardboard box or Gift Box solution for your products. 

Cardboard Boxes that don’t cost the earth. 

As a company we believe in environmental best practices and the manufacture of sustainable recycled packaging. Please look at our Environmental page to find more details on what we do to make our boxes kind to the planet. Environmental


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