Fefco Style 0215 -Envelope Base Carton

A variation of a die cut carton that is particular good for boxes that need to open at the top, rather than from the side, as they have a strong interlocked base.  This style of box has a tuck in top and a base that locks together.

The envelope bottom allows for rapid erection of the box and gives the box a sturdy base without the need for gluing or taping. This style can be modified in a number of ways:

  • perforations (that can be torn out on arrival at your customer) on the front facing panel to make it ‘shelf ready’
  • locking tab to aid closure of the box
  • An additional crease in the fold down lid which means the lid can be folded inside the box to make it a display pack
  • Supplied plain or printed in full colour.

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Dimensions are specified as Length (L)x Width or Bredth (B)x Height (H)



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